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Frascold Compressor

Jual Frascold Compressor

Frascold Compressors buatan Itali. Produsen yang memproduksi kompresor bermutu tinggi dengan menggunakan sistim twin screw maupun piston yang dapat disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan aplikasi pengguna dengan akurat, serta kualitas yang mengagumkan.

Compact Twin Screw Compressors


Frascold Compressor Semi Hermetic Kompresor Semi Hermetic Kompresor

Semi Hermetic Two Stage Compressor Twin Screw Compressors

FRASCOLD Twin Crew Compressors Outstanding Features

The accurate design, the manufacturing through a large number of line with many working centres at numerical control and the accurate quality tests, grant the performances excellence of compressors C-TSH8.

• Exclusive design of screw profiles with a ratio 5:6 between male screw and female screw
• Electrical motor with very high efficiency
• Flowing through slots of the rotor, suction gas is centrifugated for liquid separation
• Optimized Vi built-in volume ration
• Calibrated lubrication of the screws
• Sturdy and simple design of mechanical parts carefully manufactured
• Roller bearings largely sized
• Simple and efficient capacity control device
• High efficiency electric motor with part winding start
• Low noise level and smooth vibrationless running
• Excellent volume capacity ratio
• Lightweight

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